producer + host

I’ve spent my career producing, writing and hosting for TV, film and online. My show subjects run the gamut from psychics to bull sharks to the g-spot (try to find the common thread there) but my passion is the environment. I’ve been an environmentalist ever since I could spell it. I created this site so I could have a place where my eco content could live and breathe non-toxic html.

Just a smattering of my green cred: I founded my high school’s first eco-sea club, organized beach clean-ups, was crowned Mother Earth in my town’s annual parade (totally true –my mom has the pics unfortunately), activist with the Dolphin Alliance, member of a gazillion environmental groups, producer on “It’s Easy Being Green” for HGTV, host of many eco segments for online talk show “newspOp”(coral reef preservation, hybrid cars, energy crisis, polar bear conservation), featured in a series of videos for Environmental Defense Fund’s Operation: Climate Change campaign, gardener, organic food nut and flat out eco freak.

I think it’s a challenge to create content that is eco-themed and entertaining but I’m gonna try. EcoPop TV is environmentalism with a little edge. We’re trying to save the planet people, not knit a sweater –so no instructional videos here. If you don’t know how to recycle by now, you probably don’t believe in global warming and you yell at town hall meetings. Good luck with that.

My goal is to find interesting characters and tell entertaining stories with a point of view and most importantly be honest about what I discover. And maybe we’ll love each other and the earth a little bit more along the way.

Ok, now I’m pushing it.

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