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“Women of Green is a podcast and community with a singular purpose. To turn up the volume of the feminine voice on behalf of our planet and future generations. Because, we believe, what we do now is critical to what’s about to unfold. And in our humble opinion, part of the solution is women. The integration of her ideas, her dreams and her solutions in this critical time we’re in.

You’ll be hearing from artists and authors, mommies and business women, and activists and social entrepreneurs. These women are here to make a difference and use their voices and talents to BE the change we need on our planet right now.”

To hear Carolyn Parrs interview me about EcoPop TV on Women of Green, click here!

You heard me, I’m…

To be honest, when I heard the title of Rebecca Harrell Tickell’s new book Hot, Rich & Green I was skeptical at first. Don’t get me wrong, I was thrilled when I found out Rebecca had selected me to be included in the book alongside some amazing women:  Hunter Lovins, Alexandra Cousteau, Rebecca Carter (Ecorazzi), Cynthia Warner (Sapphire Energy), Mariel Hemingway and two of my Project Green Search friends Rachel Avalon and Vanessa Meier but I wasn’t sure it was the right approach until Rebecca explained the meaning behind the title.

The Green part is pretty obvious but I’d like to give my definition of being green:  it is simply appreciating cause and effect and understanding that our actions affect animals, people and the earth. It is accepting the interconnectedness of life. I affect you. You affect me. We affect bees.

The Hot part is slightly uncomfortable (but flattering) so I like to consider myself and the women in the book “hot on the trail” of what’s next in green. Rebecca explains hot as a “state of mind” and I’m down with that too.

But the Rich part is where I really get squeamish and it turns out that is exactly the button Rebecca intended to push.  Rebecca is a savvy marketer (hence the catchy title)  but she’s also an activist and a feminist and truly on a mission to empower women. She thinks that many women have negative feelings about money and that effects our ability to discuss money, embrace money and therefore make money.  These negative feelings are culturally programmed and hard to shake.  I was raised by my mother who is a very successful entrepreneur so you’d think I’d be liberated from these old ideas but it’s a challenge for me too.  And while I like the spin of “being rich in spirit” or “rich in happiness,” it’s time for more women to just plain be rich damn it!  So if Donald Trump can say it, so can she.  And so can we. That’s where I come in. Rebecca starts the book with her story but the majority of it profiles women working in the green field (including me and the creation of EcoPop TV).  Some are just starting out and some are CEOs but all are sharing their stories and giving great advice. I’m honored to be included.

I think the book is empowering and most importantly inspiring. One of the hardest things about being an entrepreneur is feeling that you are alone in the hard cold world of business. This is the kind of book that reminds you that you aren’t.  Other women are out there doing it and they are successful at it. They are following their passions, running businesses, making money, managing families, mentoring other women and saving the planet. I have to admit:  it’s incredibly hot!

Guild Goes Green

Doug Maddox, James Cameron, Rachael Joy (Photo by Samantha Strauss)

I’ve been a proud member of the Producers Guild of America for over 10 years. Early on I helped create the Mentor Program and co-chaired that committee for a few years. I also co-founded The Producers Lab which supported producers in the process of making independent films and projects. One of the best things about the PGA is the events like the special screening of Avatar for members of Congress that we were invited to a couple months ago.  Dennis Kucinich and his wife Elizabeth were sitting in front of us! (The funny thing about splitting my time between DC and LA is that I get star struck on both coasts.) Both James Cameron and Sigourney Weaver were on hand to answer questions and discuss the environmental messages of the film.

Since founding EcoPop TV I’ve been more focused on aligning my creative producing career with my environmental endeavors so joining the newly formed Producers Guild Green committee only seemed natural.I recently attended my first meeting in LA and was thrilled to see that these producers walked the talk–just check out all those reusable water bottles!

PGA Green meeting

By the way, the guy sitting under the PGA sign is Fred Baron, the Chair of PGA Green West and also EVP of Feature Production at Twentieth Century Fox. He’s overseen the production of The Day the Earth Stood Still, Borat, Edward Scissorhads, Broken Arrow, Romeo and Juliet and both X-Files features. He also produced a little film called Moulin Rouge. Even cooler than that, Fred is committed to greening the feature industry. One of the first projects of the PGA green is the creation of “Fredslist,” a TV/film production version of craigslist were producers can recycle, reuse & repurpose  production equipment when a show wraps. This is so brilliant. I can’t tell you how many white boards and binders get thrown out after every production.

I’m really excited to see the PGA go in this direction and honored to now be apart of it. I hope to be an active member of the committee and learn more about how to help productions go green.  By the way, here at EcoPop TV we keep it eco by always using reusable water bottles on set, driving to shoots in a hybrid and editing with all-natural snacks (although yummy, they don’t help render video any faster unfortunately).

If you’re wondering how to lower the carbon footprint of your next production, check out the the PGA Green website for articles, tips and vendor guide.