Hands down, the coolest greenest thing at SXSW 2010 was the “Solar Pump” by Sol Design Lab in Austin.  Designed by Beth Ferguson, the “pump” is really a solar powered charging station for electric bikes, laptops and cell phones. I was delighted to discover the station right as my iphone was dying cuz you can’t go two minutes at South By without tweeting–shit, you’d be forced to talk to people! The design of the station inspires you to rethink fueling.  Seeing 1950s gas pumps attached to solar panels &  you can’t help by look twice.  LED lighting illuminates a seating area made from recycled street signs.  I actually wanted to hang out and just chill there–which I’ve never wanted to do at a gas station. Anyway, you’ll be happy to know I re-charged in no time and made it to a green meet-up where I talked to lots of people and only tweeted once.