The Official Why:

Roots of Change is hosting a reception, Good Food for All: A Taste of the Los Angeles Foodshed to showcase the diversity and great tasting food that is grown within the L.A. Foodshed. The event will bring together pioneering farmers, top chefs, tireless food justice advocates, environmentalists and community members from around the region. The Good Food for All reception will be held between 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at Vibiana in Downtown L.A., and will open the Roots of Change Network Summit: Policy in Service of Innovation.

The EcoPop Why:

One word: Foodshed! Ever heard of it? As someone who has spent years protecting watersheds all over this country, I have a pretty good idea what it means but it’s a new word for me. Foodshed doesn’t have a Wikipedia entry (yet) but Care2 describes a foodshed as “an area where food is grown and eaten, and in today’s global food system, that could be anywhere in the world. However, if the goal is to develop a more local food system, then it is defined as a more immediate area similar to a community’s retail trade area.” And check it out, my watershed comparison is right on:  “like a watershed, a foodshed relates to a geographic area that provides the basis for food production. Like a watershed, a foodshed must be maintained. Like a watershed, a foodshed may not be the only source of the resource.” It’s a really amazing concept actually because it shifts my thinking about where I live. LA is not just the city where I work, it’s part of an ecosystem that provides me nourishment.  It’s part of a foodshed.

Of course the Good Food for All event will be chock full of good food but some really good people too like Michael Dimock, President of Roots of Change and  Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (who I met at an Ozomatli concert at the dearly departed LA Tofu Festival!).  Mayor Villaraigosa will update us on the L.A. Food Policy Task Force and unveil his plan to make Good Food a priority for Los Angeles.

Tickets are $100 a person with proceeds benefiting Hunger Action Los Angeles and Sustainable Economic Enterprises of Los Angeles‘ efforts to increase the purchasing power of low-income consumers by matching their dollars in LA farmers’ markets.

I’m excited to see what the Los Angeles Foodshed has to offer and with chefs like Susan Feniger, Joan McNamara and Akasha Richmond in attendance, I have a feeling there will be more than Good Food being served but Really Super Amazing Great Food!