Your guide to the coolest eco events
that you must attend, support or at least tweet:


February 21, 2010     College Park, MD

The Official Why:

Weddings have a huge environmental and financial impact – and the larger the event, the more punch they pack. Considering there are more than 2 million weddings in the U.S. each year, the power of a wedding to change the world is significant. A green wedding is simply a wedding for which the couple has made choices that limit the negative impact to the planet. It can be a little or a lot, because every aspect of your Big Day can be greener – from the invites to the flowers to the make-up – even your napkin choices can help save the planet! The Mid Atlantic Green Wedding Showcase is on a mission to make weddings and other special events both magical and eco-friendly. We have a passion for saving the planet. One step at a time.

The EcoPop Why:

It’s clear that these people are the real deal. There are lots of events and trade shows out there cashing in on green but run by people who don’t know the difference between biodynamic and biodegradable. These folks do.  Besides being an insanely convenient way for brides to discover local green wedding resources, the event itself is super green:  no paper tickets, posters or programs, energy offset by Carbon Fund and all organic/local food.

One thing is for sure, you will be hydrated: local favorite, Honest Tea is providing cold samples of  Honest Ade and Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company is making sure everyone stays caffeinated. But, if you find wedding planning overwhelming in general, you might need something stronger. Eco-Bar and Square One organic vodka are mixing the cocktails which you can enjoy while watching the Aveda Institute Eco Fashion Show. Hello, slam dunk anyone? You know how much I loved being a hemp bride at The Green Festival,  but there’s alot more out there when in comes to eco wedding dresses which you’ll see up close on the runway.  All dresses in the show are made of eco friendly fabrics, recycled or vintage. All jewelry in the show is made of fair trade or recycled stones and recycled metals and materials.

I’m also super excited to check out the exhibitors and say hello to my friends from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation who are offering their stunning Bayfront LEED certified headquarters as a special event location–who knew?! Definitely a must attend event for the modern green bride who appreciates style and substance.