The Official Why:

TEDxOilSpill will tackle the tough questions raised by the recent and ongoing environmental catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico. Topics will include mitigation of the spill and the impending cleanup efforts; energy alternatives; policy and economics; as well as new technology that can help us build a self-reliant culture. TEDxOilSpill will be held June 28, 2010 at the Woolly Mammoth Theatre in Washington, DC and will follow the TED form and spirit.

The EcoPop Why:

Holy amazing speakers: Syliva Earle, Amory Lovins, Carl Safina, Lisa Margonelli and Mike Tidwell just to name a few. Look, we’re all disgusted, horrified and heartbroken over this disaster. We’re desperate for action but conversation is how action begins. TED events are known for bringing together the world’s leading thinkers to educate, engage and inspire.  Personally, I’m overwhelmed by the spill and the issues surrounding it. Besides donating money, I don’t know how to help or be involved.  Attending this event is my first step.  I already mentioned a few of the incredible experts that will be speaking but I have to say the real GET is none other than @BPGlobalPR. Considering the man (known as ‘Leroy Stick’) behind the now infamous Twitter account has remained anonymous, this should be pretty interesting. I’m envisioning a Dick Cheney face mask. Anyway, the tweets are satirical and the tweeter a genius. With over 175,000 followers and growing, the account is a hit and doing the hard job of keeping us focused on the disaster while making us laugh inappropriately.

Of course if you can’t make it to DC, you can still join the conversation at Meetups and via the live stream.