I know I’m not supposed to call it global warming anymore because that seems to confuse people. Personally, I like Thomas Friedman’s term: global weirding. Whatever you call it, it’s the planet’s fast track to destruction.  Scientists say 350 parts per millions C02 in the atmosphere is the safe upper limit for humanity. We’re at 387. Um, that’s a problem. So global warming expert Bill McKibben founded to bring awareness to the issue and inspire action around the world.

DC’s Day of Action can be summed up in two words: rainy and inspirational.  I met the amazing Michele Roberts, Campaign & Policy Coordinator for Advocates for Environmental Human Rights. She can give a speech, crack a joke and carry a sign all while dodging traffic in heels and torrential rain. Watch how she works up the crowd.   Next, I run into my friend David Piller, who you’ll recall as my “hemp husband” from the Hemp Fashion Show.  Remember when I said “seems like there’s nothing this plant can’t do?” Well, I was right because apparently it can also help fight global warming.  All in all, a soggy good day that proves that no matter what nature or global warming deniers throw at us, we’re gonna show up and shout chants that rhyme with Obama.