Earth Day turned 40 this year which made me wonder, is it Over the Hill?

Birthdays are a time for presents, margaritas and hopefully reflection (try to reflect before the margaritas) so on Earth Day’s 40th it seemed natural to reflect on it’s history and it’s current relevance.  Earth Day was born before me so I’ve always known a world with it and was pretty unaware of it’s significance. I  had no idea that the public support of Earth Day and its organizers helped usher in the Clean Air Act, The Clean Water Act and the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency.  For more info about it’s history check out the documentary, “Earth Days.” But in my lifetime I haven’t associated Earth Day with having much influence over policy or environmental issues so it really made me question it’s relevance today. I attended Earth Day Network’s Climate Rally in DC to find the answer and what I realized is that while it would be great to see a strong climate bill passed, Earth Day’s relevance isn’t necessarily tangible.  It’s just what happens when a billion people come together.