When the folks at Treehugger called and asked me to help produce a video series for their Green Holiday Gift Guide, I chugged some organic yerba mate and jumped on a plane to DC to get cracking. I’ve always been a big fan of Treehugger. I love their irreverent tone and sense of play.  To me they strike the perfect balance between taking the environment very seriously but not always themselves. Their team digs up the most fascinating and cutting edge stories, the writing is smart and entertaining and the aesthetic clean and modern.  So with all that in mind, we created companion videos for the gift guide so folks could see the products in action and I could live out my dream of powering a TV with a bike generator.

This video features gifts for the Green Geek and Do-It-Your-Self’er:

Voltaic Systems Solar Amp Charger

eMonitor by Powerhouse Dynamics

Windstream Bike Power Generator